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Savill Gardens, Windsor Great Park

I often lament when I’m down in the Kent or Sussex countryside, that I wished we had such wonderful countryside on our own doorstep.  I do, I just don’t live in the countryside.  But only 25 minutes from my house is the wonderful Windsor Great Park, and Savill Gardens.  Thousands of acres of woodland, gardens, glades, lakes, walks, views and history.

Savill Gardens is situated on Wick Lane, near Englefield Green.  I have written about the gardens before on my blog.  Nestled within Windsor Great Park, they are separate and entered via the Savill Building with its wonderful coffee shop and restaurant, gift shop, and small garden centre.  Parking is very easy, with an enormous car park in front of the building where you can park for both the gardens and the great park.   See my other blog for full details on the gardens.  Savill Garden Blog

The reason I’ve taken pen to paper today, or rather fingers to keys, is that my little boy and I went to the gardens this morning.  Every Friday is mummy and son day, and our tradition is to go somewhere for breakfast and then an adventure.  As the sun was shining, we opted for Savill Gardens.  Plenty of space to burn off some energy.  After a delicious breakfast of porridge and berry compote, sourdough toast with jam, smashed avocado’s with poached eggs and bacon (yes, we were hungry) we went for our wander.


You simply have to go now….right this minute to Savill Gardens.  It is the season of Rhododendrons and Azaleas.  And what a mighty show there is.  Bursts of colours, illuminate the spring woods and glades.  Pinks, purples, oranges and yellows all snuggled together, amidst the emerging hostas and primulas.   The sunshine finds gaps in the vivid green canopy and brings blooms to life.


Its hard to describe the beauty and the heady scent that fills the gardens at the moment.  The warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze, makes the scent fill the air so you’re surrounded.  Even my 4 year old was memorised on occasions and buried him nose into the brightly coloured flowers (watch out for the bees!).  They have some for sale in the small garden centre so its worth having a look.  I really love azaleas, I loved them as a child.  We had a wonderful azalea walk in my garden in the house I grew up in.  they had been planted about 70 years before we had moved in, so they were enormous.  Bright pink and it was my favourite time of the year, wandering along the glorious row of flowers and sitting there to read my books.


The best places to head to are the Glades, by the lake, the Azalea Walk and then up to the Spring Woods past the summer gardens and the rose garden  The website has a map so you can plan your route, or just wander like we did , in and out of he small twisting, turning woodland paths.  There are plenty of benches so you can sit and while away the hours.  These gardens are beautiful at any time of the year, but I really recommend planning a visit soon before these beautiful flowers go.  There’s something quite spectacular about the brightly coloured woodland.  In autumn the Spring woods are also quite impressive with their variety of autumnal leaves, so put a date in the diary to come back them too.


For visitor information have a look at the website


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