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Steve Sherris – Scilly Isles Artist

Tucked away on Silver Street in Hugh Town on St Marys, is the Silver Street Gallery showcasing the work of Steve Sherris.  This is his working studio and he has a stunning array of prints and original paintings featuring so many beautiful parts of The Scilly Isles; its nature, landscapes, seascapes boats and island life.


Every time I visit Cornwall, I like to discover new artists and I always go home with an original artwork.  My house is full of views of Cornish fishing villages, coves and beaches, sunsets and seascapes and ceramics.  Within 2 hours of arriving in St Marys I had already bought one of Steve’s paintings and I went back to buy a large print for myself and two other smaller prints for friends for Christmas.

I believe in supporting our artists and craftsmen.  We have such a rich heritage and culture of art in this country and so many incredible artists marking their mark.  For me, the artists are one of the things that makes Cornwall so special and why I return year after year.  I am forever inspired by the incredible talents and creativity, and despite the fact that I cannot paint always makes me pick up a brush and at least give it a go.


I’ve always been a fan of supporting local – I’m one of those people that will also buy from bakers, butchers and candlestick makers instead of supermarkets, and make several trips a week to different places and farmshops rather than just nipping to Waitrose. I would much prefer to buy from someone local, and support their work than buy a print from a department store.

Steve works mainly in oil and acrylic and for me the vibrant colours really capture of heart of the islands and the landscapes and seascapes he is painting.  He often paints outdoors, and uses the wonderful light to focus on particular colours to shape his paintings.  As soon as I saw one of the water with a boat I fell in love with it and knew it would look beautiful above my piano, where I could look at it each day.


What really attracted me to it, were the ripples of the water – it almost looks like a photograph and you can almost see the waves glistening in the sunshine.  In fact, several of my piano students have been convinced it was a photograph and have admired the water every week.

My other favourite painting was of boats and a sunset.  The sunsets were one of my most favourite things about the islands and so this captured my evenings on the islands perfectly.  The vibrancy of the oranges and blues with the silhouettes of the boats is stunning.  This is called Porthmellon Sunset.


He really captures the heart of the islands, and there are a wide range of views to choose from.  From close ups of the gorgeous puffins, to views of sunsets across the harbour and Porthmellon beach, to little boats bobbing on the gentle waves, to stone fisherman’s cottages perched above the beach, foxglove filled fields, agapanthus in Juliet’s Garden, view of dunes and countryside walks, a Steve Sherris painting is a must for any west country lovers home.

All his prints are Giclee prints and use the latest technology.  They are light fast for 75 years + and the limited edition prints in excess of 100+ so I know my grandchildren will still get to enjoy the paintings that I bought this summer and probably future generations too.  All the prints and frames are also made on the Scilly isles.


You can buy prints online and star at around £30.00.  You can pay with paypal and they will happily send the paintings anywhere, even if you buy in the shop.  This was brilliant as I really didn’t want to have to worry about the paintings on the boat back as well as trying to squeeze them into an already over packed car.  They were packed brilliantly, and real care was taken over this to ensure the paintings arrived safely and I was also texted to let me know when they were sent and when to expect them which was a lovely personal touch.


He also has a facebook page and you can follow his latest work on there – search for Silver Street Gallery.

You can also follow him on Instagram @scillyartist

I love his page as there’s always a new painting in the making, and it’s great to see artists at work in the landscapes their painting. His latest paintings are always featured on facebook and Instagram and he also takes commissions as well.

Contact: 5 Silver Street, St Marys, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0PZ.

01720 422722


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